iPhone City Benjamin H Bratton


Jan Kaplicky (1937-2009): Homage to an Extraordinary Life of Unfulfilled Dreams and Major Successes Ivan Margolius


Interior Eye

Alice Tully Hall, New York Jayne Merkel


Building Profile

The Feildbarn David Littlefield



Lighting Up Valentina Croci


Yeang's Eco-Files

Seawater Greenhouses and the Sahara Forest Project Ken Yeang and Michael Pawlyn


Unit Factor

Parallel Indexing: Infrastructure and Space Holger Kehne and Jeff Turko


McLean's Nuggets Will McLean


Spiller's Bits

Parallel Biological Futures Neil Spiller


Site Lines

FREEZE: A Celebration of Design in the Modern North

Brian Carter

Helen Castle

If a house was once a machine for living in can the city now be an iPhone? In this issue of AD, LA-based theorist and design strategist Benjamin Bratton posits the idea that the way that we perceive and experience the city has been irreparably shifted by the arrival of the iPhone and similar handheld devices. To some extent the iPhone, with its highly tactile graphic interface and accessible datascapes or 'apps', could even be regarded as usurping some of the key characteristics of the physical metropolis that brings people, goods, markets, communications and information together in one place. The implications here may be far-reaching, but they are very much of the present.

The example of the iPhone suggests just how omnipresent and influential computer technologies have become in the urban realm. It is not, though, entirely indicative of the overarching themes of this issue. As guest-editor Neil Leach articulately explains himself in the opening paragraph of his introduction, the main intention of this title of AD is to look at how the digital design tools that have played such a major role in

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