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Arcljiijlctures of the

Near Futur

September/October 2009 Profile No 201

Architectures of the Near Future

Guest-edited by Nic Clear

In this highly pertinent issue, guest-editor Nic Clear questions received notions of the future. Are the accepted norms of economic growth and expansion the only means by which society can develop and prosper? Should the current economic crisis be making us call into question a future of unlimited growth? Can this moment of crisis - economic, environmental and technological - enable us to make more informed choices about the type of future that we want and can actually achieve? Architectures of the Near Future offers a series of alternative voices, developing some of the neglected areas of contemporary urban life and original visions of what might be to come. Rather than providing simplistic and seductive images of an intangible shiny future, it rocks the cosy world of architecture with polemical blasts.

• Draws on topics as diverse as synthetic space, psychoanalysis, Postmodern geography, post-economics, cybernetics and developments in neurology.

• Includes an exploration of the work of JG Ballard.

• Features the work of Ben Nicholson.

November/December 2009 Profile No 202

Patterns of Architecture

Guest-edited by Mark Garcia

Pattern-making is ubiquitous in both the natural and manmade world. The human propensity for pattern recognition and fabrication is innate. Encompassing the historical, vernacular and parametric, this title explores the creation, materialisation and theorisation of some of the world's most significant and spectacularly patterned spaces. It investigates how interiors, buildings, cities and landscapes are patterned through design, production and manufacturing, use, time, accident and perception. It also brings into focus how contemporary advanced spatial practices and CAD/CAM are now pushing patterns to encompass a greater range of structural, programmatic, aesthetic and material effects and properties. Extending patterns far beyond the surface notion of style and decoration, Patterns of Architecture assesses how and why the deployment of patterns is shaping the future of architecture.

• Analysed through a multidisciplinary and international series of essays and designs from architects, engineers, academics, researchers and expert professionals in the field.

• Key contributors include: Brian McGrath, Hanif Kara, Michael Hensel and Achim Menges, Patrik Schumacher and Alejandro Zaera-Polo.

January/February 2010 Profile No 203

Turkey - At the Threshold

Guest-edited by Hulya Ertas, Defne Sunguroglu Hensel and Michael Hensel

This is a pertinent moment to take stock and to look at Turkey's past, present and future. In 2010 Istanbul will become European Capital of Culture and all eyes will be on Turkey, bringing the nation's cultural renaissance and evolution to the fore internationally. Since the early 2000s, Turkey has undergone a remarkable economic recovery, accompanied by urban development and a cultural flowering. Positioned between an expanding European Union and an unstable Middle East, the country provides a fascinating interface between the Occident and the Orient. Taking into account the current political concerns with a potential clash of Eastern and Western cultures, Turkey is poised at a vital global crossroads.

• Tackles issues of globalisation and the potential threat that a rapid rolling out of an overly homogenised built environment poses to rich local building traditions that are founded on specific climatic knowledge and cultural diversity.

• Provides an analytical and projective approach that highlights specific aspects of Turkey's rich heritage and contemporary design culture that can shape a specific yet pluralistic future identity and culture.

• Contributors include: Tevfik Balcioglu, Edhem Eldem, Tolga Islam, Zeynep Kezer, Ugur Tanyeli, Ilhan Tekeli and Banu Tomruk.

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