Case Study 125 State of Illinois Center Chicago 1985

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Architect: Helmut Jahn and Partners

The round atrium is fully glazed externally and penetrates the total height of the offices. A cluster of wall-climber lifts are the main focus within the inner space of the atrium and relate to circular galleries floor by floor. Accommodation and escape stairs run in a zig zag pattern down the balcony face and contribute an expression of activity and movement within the 16 storey volume. The lowermost floors relate to a food hall and to the subway system. It is one of the most remarkable public buildings in the United States and particularly in the way that changing technology permits lifts and stairs to assume significance within an open interior.

State Illinois Center Chicago

Figure 12.5a General floor plan

Figure 12.5a General floor plan

Figure 12.5b Detail view of stairs

Thompson Center Chicago Photography
Figure 12.5c General view of atrium drum with wall-climber lifts and stairs

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