Case Study 131 No 1 Poultry City of London 1998

Architects: James Stirling, Michael Wilford and Associates Ltd

This is a very interesting cross between a stair and ramp. The site is triangular with the prow facing a main road junction

Figure 13.1b Site plan (Architecture Today, September 1998)

which is surrounded by the important buildings of the Bank of England (Soane), Midland Bank (Lutyens), the Mansion House (Dance the Elder), and St Mary Woolnoth (Hawksmoor). The

Figure 13-la View looking up stairs

Figure 13-lc Floor plan (Architecture Today, September 1998)

Figure 131d Detail of steps

revolving doors lead into a small reception area and thence to the ceremonial grand stair. As one looks up to the light, the central circular court, with its open atrium is revealed. The stair runs between two walls, with steps of 146 mm and the going 1 250 mm which rises as a ramp of

104 mm, giving a total rise of 250 mm and therefore a pitch of 1 in 5.

The slabs are kept about 300 mm short of each wall, the gap being a continuous ramp into which spot lights are set on the centre of each tread. Port lights are set into the vertical walls. A truly dramatic concept.

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