Case Study 1310 Stratford Station

Architects: Wilkinson Eyre Architects

Here the lift, escalator and stair meet adjacent to each other in a large modern concourse. The glass hydraulic lift takes wheelchair users and parents with children in pushchairs either up or down; a single escalator takes passengers up, this being preferred by the majority of the old or lazy, and a wide stair takes the surging crowds down quickly.

Figure 13.10 Stratford Station, Wilkinson Eyre Architects: lift, escalator and stairs

Case Study 13.11 Canary Wharf Architects: Foster and Partners

Travel from the platform is up single escalators to a cathedral-like large concourse, a double-height space with exits at either end. Here a bank of four escalators, two up and two down, take travellers to a glazed shell canopy and the open air to a large pedestrian piazza. A lift up to the entrance is concealed adjacent to the escalators.

Figure 1311 Canary Wharf Station, Foster and Partners

Figure 13.12 Southwark Station, MacCormac, Jamieson and Pritchard

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