Case Study 134 RAC Headquarters Bristol 1989

Architects: Nicholas Grimshaw and Partners

This is a very interesting building in terms of staircase planning. The three-sided, three-storey glass building has an internal three-sided atrium. Three flights of stairs, one from each side of the offices, descend to a large central platform or meeting place, where there is a choice of three further flights of stairs to each of the sides on the lower floor. A similar arrange- Figure 13.4b ment takes one down to the canteen and social facilities on the ground floor. Each flight is constructed of painted steel beams supporting steel treads. The whole structure, however, floats in the atrium. The

Figure 13 4a Section
Figure 13.4c Looking down to stair

platforms are hung by cables from the roof beams and they in turn support the stair strings. The internal space created is a work of art.

There are three escape stairs tucked into the three internal angles to comply with the Fire Regulations.

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