Case Study 138 Private House Clifton Terrace Dublin

Architect: A & D Wejchert Architects

Figure 138b Detail of top of stair (Spiral Staircase Systems)

bolted. These are infilled with sheet acrylic with non-slip aluminium strips set into the top surface. A neat 'D' bracket, below the nosing, copes with the Building Regulations whereby there should be no gap greater than 100 mm between treads in domestic houses.

The handrail is a sinuous stainless steel circular tube. The balustrade is almost invisible, being moulded clear acrylic fixed to the end of the treads and slotted into the handrail.

This is a beautiful light spiral stair, 1670 mm diameter, constructed from bright polished stainless steel and acrylic. From the main stainless steel column, can-tilevered triangular tread frames are

Figure 13.8a General view of stair (Spiral Staircase Systems)

Figure 13 9b View from underside (Spiral Staircase Systems)

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