New directions

The reconstruction of the former Financial Times building (Bracken House) by Michael Hopkins and Partners has achieved a unique subdivision, with the central atrium and lift cores placed at the maximum permitted remove from the compartmented escape stairs and remodelled areas within the retained wings of the former layout (Figures 3.8a and 3.8b). Accommodation stairs are sited on either side of the new open offices and permit direct connection between the floors throughout the eight storeys. The perforation of compartment floors is allowed owing to the sprinkler system installed throughout the common office accommodation and to the fact that four new escape stairs are strategically designed at either end of the retained wings. A further benefit of the layout with outward escape from the atrium lift lobby is relaxation of fire enclosure to the main vertical circulation. The steelwork is uncased and the fenestration openable between working areas and atrium and hallways. It is another version of the Bradbury Building in Los Angeles (Figure 3.23) but more compact and relevant to today's working needs. The role played by the vertical circulation elements recognizes the changed importance, with lifts having primary importance and featured within the atrium as wall climbers, with the structural support given by steel plate towers (Figure 3.8c). The circular

Inner room

Nos of \, people ancr travel dist. limited 3.9

Should be able to see into inner room - or have fire detector 3.S

Should be able to see into inner room - or have fire detector 3.S

Nos of \, people ancr travel dist. limited 3.9

7 Less than 45° therefore - , ~ S counts as escape in one f.cape from B >««✓* direction only from A 3.8

More than 45° therefore counts as having alternative


Enclosure of escape corridors should be taken up to soffit or ceiling and corridors more than 12m long should be subdivided 3.21

Dead end corridors should be fire protected and, if more than 4.5m long should be separated by fire doors 3.22

External stairs, (not for the public in assembly and recreational buildings and only for staff In institutional building 4.35)

Final exits - should have direct acess to street . • etc. and be clear of r building and fire risks / 5.30 and 5.32 j

Escalators don't count as escape stairs


Ramps should be 1 in 12 maximum slope 5.26

Place of Safety

Protected lobbies are needed for single stair building and in some other cases 4.26

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