Paternoster lifts

A design depending upon an endless chain with cabins ascending and descending continuously between winding gear. The origins are industrial, with circulating pallets within a multi-storey plant, and are also used for refuse bin circulation in flats. Paternoster lifts were popular, mainly in Germany, in the immediate post-war years for serving high rise offices and public buildings, with six or more pairs of cabins working side by side. Lack of safety stops in case of blockage by goods or by passengers falling across the open fronts had led to the replacement of 'paternoster' equipment. The designs did not inspire confidence quite apart from the risk of severing leg or neck. The passenger cabins rattled and were often finished in identical but scuffed material to ceiling, floor and wall, giving the impression to the uninitiated that the conveyance went round the winding wheel leaving any left standing upside down for the descent!

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