Precast spiral stairs

The general arrangement of pre-cast spiral stairs is similar to steel spirals with tread units threaded over a central tubular column. The concrete profiles are more robust while finishes like terrazzo or tooled concrete (with stone aggregates or coloured cement) can produce surfaces as good as natural stonework. They look well externally (Figures 8.4a-d).

Figure 8.2e Cantilever concrete stairs, Clare Hall, Cambridge, 1969, Architect: Ralph Erskine (in association with Twist and Whitley)
Figure 8.2f Cast in-situ concrete work to stair shafts, Royal National Theatre, 1967-76, Architects: Denys Lasdun, Redhouse and Softley

Figure 8.3a Pre-cast stairs: Site factory at Wates Housing Development

Figure 8.3b Pre-cast beam stair prepared for tread fixing

Figure 8.3c Completed work with treads and balusters in place

In-situ or pre-cast flight

Figure 8.3d Tile finished treads

Figure 8.3e Terrazo finish

Figure 8.3f Combined finishes to treads

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