1 Garden history and garden design - further reading: There is no shortage of books and guides to stimulate ideas; the following selection are those which are best documented concerning garden steps.

Oriental. The Chinese Garden by Maggie Keswick (Academy Editions, 1978). Spanish. Spanish Gardens by Marquesa de Casa Valdes (Antique Collectors' Club, 1987). English. Houses & Gardens by E. L. Lutyens by Lawrence Weaver (Country Life, 1913). French. The French Garden 1500-1800 by W.

American. Lawrence Halprin, published as

Volume No. 4 by Process 1978.

General Reference. Landscape of Man by

Geoffrey and Susan Jellicoe (Thames &

Hudson, 1975). Modern Garden by Peter

Shepherd (The Architectural Press, 1953).

2 The Edwardian Garden by David Ottewill (Yale University Press, 1989).

3 Refer to descriptions of Italian gardens in the following: Ltalian Gardens of the Renaissance by J. C. Shepherd and G. A. Jellicoe (Princeton, Architectural Press, 1986). Ltalian Gardens by Georgina Masson (Thames & Hudson, 1987).

4 For strength of guard rails refer to Chapter 10.

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