1 Refer to a useful guide entitled The Building Regulations by Powell Smith and Billington (11th edn), 1999, published by Blackwell Science. Note that different regulations apply to Scotland.

2 Most major hotel groups produce design guides concerned with space standards, the sections related to protected cores and stairs being of greatest value.

Figure 3-23 Bradbury Building, Los Angeles, 1893, Architect: George M. Wyman

3 Portman's remarkable oeuvre is best seen in a book entitled The Architect as Developer by Portman and Barnett, 1976.

4 The John Lewis Partnership employed Slater and Moberly as project architects for both the Oxford Street Store (1938-9) and for the Mendelsohnian Peter Jones Store, Sloane Square (1935-7). The latter design, however, had the inspired benefit of a gifted designer William Crabtree as well as Professor Charles Reilly as consultant.

5 For Eva Jiricna designs refer to Eva Jiricna Designs in Exile by Martin Pawley, 1990, published by Fourth Estate & Wordsearch.

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