Tapered treads should comply with the following rules

• The minimum going at any part of a tread within the width of a stairway should not be less than 50 mm.

Figure 10.1g General requirements under Section K: Practical limits (rise and going) - other buildings

• The going should be measured:

(i) if the stairway is less than 1 m wide, at the centre point of the length or deemed length of a tread, and

(ii) if a stairway is 1 m or more wide, at points 270 mm from each end of the length or deemed length of a tread. (When referring to a set of consecutive tapered treads of different lengths, the term 'deemed length' means the length of the shortest tread.)

• All consecutive tapered treads in a flight should have the same taper.

• Where stairs contain straight and tapered treads the goings of the tapered treads should not be less than those of the straight flight.

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