The major application of travelators occurs in airports but few of these experiences are memorable. Gatwick certainly provides a convenient ride through the neutral scenery bequeathed by BAA (Figure 11.8a). The dramatic system adopted by Auketts at Manchester leads the travellers through a space-age glass and aluminium tube connecting the rail terminal to the airport (Figure 11.8b). Other devices in Europe include travelator tunnels that dip and climb to prevent boredom as at Charles de Gaulle, Paris. It is this airport that placed satellite escalators within a globe-like sphere that shuttles travellers off to their various departures (Figure 11.8c). The aesthetic delights within 'the shape of things to come' are not matched by creature comforts. It does seem that the future of 'Travelatorscape' should provide enhancing experiences in line with the moving girdle at O'Hare Airport, Chicago, which runs with suitable breaks through a typical American mall - a route that is lined like a modern-day Aladdin's cave with drink and food outlets, fortune tellers, shoe shiners and every conceivable service in washrooms.

The serrated tread has enabled airport and supermarket trolleys to be conveyed

safely on inclines up to 10°: the most stylish example is the connecting travelators within the glazed foyer designed by Grimshaw for Sainsbury at Camden Town (Figure 11.8 4)-

The same designer has utilized travelators to move visitors through the British Pavilion at the Seville Expo. The installation permits a regular movement of people to save holdups and to reduce queuing time. The up and down sequence occurs along the long frontages of the open plan and enables the exhibition

Figure 11.7a Lloyd's Building, London, 1986, Architects: Richard Rogers Partnership. External view of staircase towers

Figure 11.7b Detail construction of stairs, Lloyd's Building
Figure 11.7c Section detail, Lloyd's Building

spaces to be fully enjoyed. The internal structure of the Pavilion has six bays of structural columns. These are grouped at three positions to maximize the space; the travelator trusses span between support arms jettied off the columns (Figure

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