Access to the pitch

There must also be direct, protected access between players' changing rooms and the pitch. At events where players and referees may be subject to attack (such as the hurling of missiles) by the crowd, safety requirements are stringent. Football matches in countries with strong traditions of team loyalty fall into this category, and recommendations are outlined below.

In the case of new stadia for World Cup and European Championship finals, FIFA/UEFA recommend that:

Ideally, each of the teams' dressing rooms and the referees' dressing room should have its own corridor for access to the pitch. These corridors may join up near the exit to the playing area.

The point where the players and the referees enter the playing area, which ideally should be at the centreline and on the same side as the VIP box, press stand and administrative offices, must be protected by means of a fireproof telescopic tunnel extending into the playing area far enough to prevent the risk of injury to the match participants caused by missiles thrown by spectators.

Such telescopic tunnels should be capable of being extended or closed quickly so that they may be used during the match when a player is leaving or entering the field, without causing unduly lengthy viewing obstruction.

Alternatively, the entrance to the playing area may be by means of an underground tunnel, the mouth of which is situated a similarly safe distance away from spectators.

There should be no possibility of public or media interference at any point within these corridors or security tunnels.

In the case of European Club competitions, the UEFA recommendations simply state:

In order to guarantee the safety of players and match officials, participating clubs shall provide for an access to the field ensuring safe entry and exit.

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