Ancillary spaces and equipment

There should be fixed crowd control barriers and the possibility of additional temporary barriers in front of turnstiles to control queues. For long queues these should be arranged in a serpentine pattern. Such barriers, especially temporary movable ones, are likely to develop a messy appearance after the stadium is no longer under the designers' control. The design team should take particular care to specify a system which can be adapted to changing circumstances by managers for many years to come, without degrading the stadium image. It may be necessary to design a special area in advance of the gates or turnstiles where spectators can be searched to prevent prohibited items being brought into the stadium.

Storage space should in all cases be provided at each entrance gate or turnstile to store items confiscated during entry. A cashier's and/or controller's booth can also be provided adjacent to each entrance gate or turnstile. Requirements will depend on the way management intends to handle control and money-taking, therefore this must be checked at the briefing stage.

In severe climates, heating or cooling may be needed at the entrance area for inclement seasons.

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