Emirates Stadium London

• 60 000 spectator seats.

• 150 executive boxes, backed up by 3 network bars each accommodating 70-100 people.

• 4 large bar/restaurants overlooking the pitch.

• Directors' restaurant overlooking the pitch and seating 110.

• Diamond club restaurant overlooking the pitch and seating 200.

• Concourses with food outlets, bars and kiosks. 13.2.3 Other countries

Trends in private facilities vary throughout the world. With due allowance for exceptions it can be said that managements in Japan are following roughly the same course as those in the USA; that those in France and Spain are also taking an increasingly commercialized approach; but that those in Germany tend to oppose anything that smacks of 'privilege', preferring to provide customers throughout the stadium with seats that are as equal as designers and managers can make them. In the Middle East and the Far East stadia are mostly large utilitarian bowls, with no frills, where most people come for the single purpose of watching a game of sport. The main exceptions to this general rule are race courses, which are most elaborate in Asia.

glass wall as seen in Figure 13.1a. This is quite common practice in the USA but less so in the UK. British examples include Tottenham Football Club and Queens Park Rangers stadium in Loftus Road, London.

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