Provision for ambulant disabled spectators

As regards scale of provision, there will normally be many more ambulant disabled spectators than ones in wheelchairs, but as of 2006 there are in the UK no specific recommendations on the number of spaces to be provided. Para 2.16 of Accessible Stadia states vaguely that the above table of recommendations for wheelchair users 'should be used to determine the minimum proportion of seated accommodation for ambulant disabled spectators in the whole stadium' but gives no indication of the ratio that might be applied. Again whatever scale of provision that is decided should be tested by consultations with local groups representing disabled supporters.

As regards location, para 2.16 makes the following recommendations.

• Seats intended for ambulant disabled people should be dispersed throughout the stadium, and they should be specifically indentified by management.

• Because ambulant disabled people move with difficulty, such identified seats might best be located at the ends of rows, and close to vomitories.

• Some of these seats should be situated where there are few steps to negotiate, and where the seating rake is not more than 20°.

• In some cases an entire row of seats, appropriately located, could be designed to a higher standard of comfort for disabled spectators as suggested in Section 11.7.

• In all of the above, bear in mind that ambulant disabled spectators may prefer not to sit in areas primarily intended for wheelchair users and their helpers.

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