Selfservice cafeterias food courts and restaurants

Self-service eateries require fewer staff than restaurants with table service (see Section 15.6) and are designed and managed for a faster rate of customer through-put. This is a vital factor in sports stadia, with their concentrated demand peaks.

The arrangement is familiar to all: food is displayed in a line of refrigerated or heated glass-lidded cabinets, and customers move past with trays, helping themselves to what they want and paying at the end. Part of the counter may be devoted to a carv-ery and/or hot meal servery where staff assist the customers by carving the meat for them, and serving them with meat, fish and vegetable dishes from heated containers.

The food court is an elaboration of the above principle with several serveries, devoted to a variety of food types and price ranges, surrounding a single seating area. Customers collect their food and drink from their chosen counter, and then find a table in the central area.

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