Technical aspects

Stadia have been built of every conceivable material. The ancient Romans built theirs in brick and stone, and modern Romans refurbished their existing Olympic stadium in concrete, steel, aluminium and plastic fabric roofing for the 1990 World Cup in football.

Cost is a major factor because structure, as discussed in Chapter 23 is a larger proportion of total cost in the case of stadia than in most other building types. Cost comparisons between all the alternative structural materials are therefore vital, with particular attention to the roof as discussed in Section 5.8 below.

Other performance characteristics such as durability, fire resistance, etc. must be just as thoroughly investigated - and then balanced against the less quantifiable but equally important qualities of user-friendliness, grace and beauty. Stadia can prosper only if they attract spectators, and increasingly people will stay away if the facility is rough or sordid-looking - no matter how technically correct the specifications.

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