Typical design criteria for a sound system

A sound system for a sports stadium may typically contain the following criteria.

1 The statement should set down the basis upon which the design is undertaken and on which its performance will be judged when installed.

2 It should state the standards and codes of practice upon which the design should be undertaken.

3 The systems function should be stated as:

a) to communicate emergency messages.

b) to provide public address messages.

c) to be used for other specific messages.

4 The frequency response should be stated. The following is an example.

General public areas:

a) Frequency response pre-equalization. Total system 100Hz-6kHz +6-3dB (essentially smooth).

b) Frequency response post-equalization. Total system 100 Hz-6 kHz ±3dB. Concourses, turnstiles and entrances.

c) Frequency response pre-equalization. Total system speech only 200Hz-6kHz +6-3dB (essentially smooth).

d) Frequency response post-equalization. Total system speech only 200Hz-6kHz ±3dB.

5 The intelligibility rating should be stated with a given occupancy noise.

6 Sound pressure levels and coverage should be quantified, such as the following example:

a) Sound pressure level 6dBA >L10 for 95 per cent of public.

b) Coverage to be within ±2dB for 95 per cent of public areas where L10 is sound pressure level which is exceeded 10 per cent of the time.

7 Different zones should be identified and the system should allow access to the different areas identified independently or as a group of areas. A typical range of zones is given below for guidance:

• north side stand

• north concourses

• north turnstiles

• south side stand

• south concourses

• south turnstiles

• east concourses

• east turnstiles

• west concourses

• west turnstiles

• executive suites

8 A priority system should be indicated, with the police and security services given the highest priority. A typical order of priority might be as follows:

• Police announcer in police control room.

• Management announcer in event control room.

• General announcer and commentator.

• Pre-match events commentator.

• Musical entertainment and 'Disc-Jockey'.

9 Any additional requirements should be stated.

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