Design standards

The structural design of steel frames or assemblies in the UK is covered by the various parts of BS 5950. This design standard applies to the use of hot-rolled and cold-formed sections in general building construction, in which the materials are designated as in Section

11.1. BS 5950 Part 1 is the principal code dealing with the design of steelwork in framed structures.

UK design codes will potentially be replaced by European (CEN) standards, although BS standards are likely to continue in use for many years as they are accepted by the Building Regulations. These European Standards exist currently as 'pre-norms' or ENVs.

Eurocode 3 (ENV 1993-1-1) is the relevant European design standard which covers the same application as BS 5950 Part 1.

Composite construction, which comprises steel frames and

concrete or composite floor slabs, is covered by BS 5950 Parts 3 and

Fire-resistant design is covered by BS 5950 Part 8 and, in future,

42 43

by ENV 1993-1-2 and ENV 1994-1-2. However, thermal performance data of fire-protection materials is obtained from standard ISO fire tests.

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