Different forms of tension attachments

In tension structures, the form and complexity of the attachments depends on the forces transferred, and the number, size and orientation of the individual ties. It is important to achieve a smooth transfer of tension force from the tie rods or cables into the supporting members, which may necessitate the use of relatively large connecting plates and other components, and which may dictate the detailing of the attachments.

The different 'generic' forms of tie attachments are:

head detail at masts or columns by:

— direct attachment

— 'saddle' support intermediate attachment to masts or columns foundation attachments attachment to cantilevered beams intermediate tie attachments attachment of column bases cross-over ties.

Some general approaches to detailing of these forms of attachment are presented in Figures 7.4 to 7.9.

Steel Tension Rods Cathedral CeilingIgus FactoryIgus Factory

7.8 Fabricated fork detail at Igus Factory, Cologne (architect: Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners)

Igus Factory

7.9 Column base attachment for tension rods at sports stadium, Cologne (architect: Verena Dietrich)

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