Exposing the frame

The exposure of the frame, either in part or in whole, obviously depends upon the relationship between the skeleton and external skin. The frame can be located completely external to the cladding, in which case it is given expression in the external appearance of the building. Alternatively, the frame can be located wholly internal to the cladding, in which case it may find little or no expression externally. Between these two extremes, the interaction of the frame and cladding establishes a further range of relationships. Buildings of an entirely different character emerge depending on these spatial relationships.

A simple example of a portal-frame structure that is continued outside the building envelope to visual effect is shown in Figure 3.2. In this case, the perforated cellular beams enhance the lightness of the structure whilst preserving its primary function as a rigid frame.

Basic building physics requirements, in terms of thermal insulation and control of condensation, also have to be addressed, particularly when the frame penetrates the building fabric (see Chapter 10).

Rabbeted Oblique Splice
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