Fork connections

A fork detail is an effective way of connecting two or more ties to single node points. Various forks are described in the following sections. It is generally easier to attach the fork to the rod or cable rather than the main member in order to simplify the fabrication.

The fork end can be simply connected via a pin onto a shaped steel-plate which is fixed to the supporting member or anchor block. The fork end is a pinned rather than a bolted connection, which

7.13 Typical coupling between stainless steel bars

Steel Plate Architect

7.15 Sealant applied between fork and plate at the Renault Parts Distribution Centre, Swindon (architect: Foster and Partners)

permits quick and simple site assembly. The provision of a pin connection allows rotation and eliminates any induced bending stress in the tie. Some adjustment is provided within the fork end to allow for construction tolerance and to take up any sag. Fork ends can be supplied with left- or right-hand threads, as required. It is recommended that locking devices are used on fittings with opposite-handed threaded ends.

Forks are generally supplied fully threaded for maximum adjustment. Special caps can be provided to blank off the ends. Alternatively, the rod may be passed through and secured with a nut, but this results in a bulkier detail.

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