Pinned connection

A conventional pinned detail of a bar to a plate is illustrated in Figure 7.14. These connections can be designed to emphasise the 'pin' form by using flatter coupling and larger 'pins'.

Corrosion protection of the connection may be achieved by over-painting the connection, by sealing it, or by using stainless steel pins. The latter only solves the problem of corrosion of the pin and neglects the plate and fork. There may also be a problem of bimetallic corrosion between steel and stainless steel, although this can be overcome by the use of isolating washers and bushes.

A good detail is to provide a recess at the junction between the fork and plate which can be pointed with an elastomeric sealant (see Figure 7.15). The ends of the pin should be sealed in the same way. This detail can easily be provided in both castings and steel plates.

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