Proprietary bar and cable linking details

A number of manufacturers produce cables with swaged (pressed) ends and with galvanized or stainless steel fittings. A typical

7.16 Spade end

= = = = =r

~|= = = = :

: = = =

7.17 Turnbuckle i

7.18 Pin set

7.19 Lock cover

Swaged Cable Ends

7.21 Swaged cable-end

7.22 Fork end r-rr

7.23 Adjustable fork-end

7.24 Toggle fork

7.25 Threaded end to permit adjustment

7.26 Swaged tensioner

7.27 Compact tensioner swaged termination with an adjustable fork-end is illustrated in Figure 7.21.

Swaged fork-ends provide a slim and effective way of terminating a cable and bars, and provide a simple pin connection. The cable is anchored into the back of the fork using the swaging process, providing a neat and strong end. The fork end is simply connected by way of a clevis pin onto a profiled plate fixed to the structural member, or to an anchor block (see Figure 7.22).

Alternatively, threaded fork ends are used to terminate bar tendons. The bars are connected into the forks by a fine-machined screw thread.

Adjustable fork-ends have a fine-machined thread for attachment to bars. These forks allow adjustment for construction tolerances, or pre-loading of the tendon. The use of adjustable forks means that there is no need to use a separate tensioning device (see Figure 7.23).

Toggle forks can be used on cables, rods and bars, and provide effective connections with two planes of freedom, minimising any bending stress induced by the rotation of the tendon (see Figure 7.24).

Studs may be swaged onto cables and rods. The threaded end of the stud is screwed into matching spigots welded to the supporting member, or screwed into adjustable forks, allowing full adjustment or pre-loading (see Figure 7.25).

The standard single-point tensioner can be swaged to cables or rods. This achieves easier tensioning on site than adjustable forks, as adjustment or pre-loading is performed from a single point only (see Figure 7.26).

Single-point compact tensioners can be used on cables, rods or bars. They permit simple tensioning on site and are far more compact in length than the standard tensioner, but still allow similar adjustment (see Figure 7.27).

A variety of accessories is available which allows connection of multiple tendons. Rings can be supplied which allow the connection of pairs of ties for use as X-bracing. Complementing dome nuts are used to fix the ends of ties within the ring (see Figure 7.28).

Simple Delta plates may be used for connections of three tendons with fork-end fittings (see Figure 7.29). Similarly, rapid links allow quick and easy connection of single or multiple tendons, although they may seem relatively bulky in appearance (see Figure 7.30).

7.28 Rings allowing multiple connections of ties for bracing systems

7.28 Rings allowing multiple connections of ties for bracing systems

7.29 Delta plates for multiple connections of tendons with fork-end fittings

7.29 Delta plates for multiple connections of tendons with fork-end fittings

7.30 Rapid link

Stainless steel eye bolts are used as general-purpose fixing devices to masonry, reinforced concrete or steelwork (see Figure 7.31).

Isolation sleeves and washers should be used to prevent contact between dissimilar metals, thus reducing the possibility of bimetallic corrosion.

Examples of the use of these cable-linking systems are presented in Figures 7.32 to 7.34. Figure 7.32 shows the use of a coupling device in an X-braced connection, also using a welded cruciform detail. Figure 7.33 shows a tension-coupling system for a stainless steel bar. Figure 7.34 shows the system used in the Millennium Dome for the attachment of the heavy duty tie-members to the foundations.

Millennium Dome Construction Details
7.32 Coupler device used for an X-braced connection
7.33 Tension-coupling system for stainless steel bar

7.34 Tension-coupling system for cables at the Millennium Dome, London (architect: Richard Rogers Partnership)

7.35 Multiple-cable connecting device
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