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Designing The City Spaces

Change is also relevant on an urban scale. The Grimshaw approach can be seen in the Ludwig Erhard Haus (Berlin, 1991-98), which contains the Berlin stock exchange and offices (figure 2.9). The problem with office buildings in a city is that they impose their own grid and their own form onto the city's streetscape. The main concept, and one which is being followed in other new projects, was to create city-type spaces at ground level. The technically driven tectonic solution was to hang the upper floors from a series of structural arches, an approach that opened up all sorts of possibilities. By hanging the floors, the maximum enclosure of office space could be created without infringing rights of light and view angles. The resulting soft form is entirely described by what the practice was allowed to build realizing this potential meant that it wasn't necessary to design a tall building. Consequently, the user can do anything at street level because there is a clear spanning structure...

Taking the Longer Road Building Banks in Argentina and China 19171924

American architectural commodity' was an up-to-date banking structure which, as a result of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 and new investment possibilities, some U.S. banks began erecting in many financial centres worldwide by World War I.7 Two examples of this trend, the First National Bank of Boston's headquarters in Buenos Aires and the International Banking Corporation's branch in Shanghai, illustrate how two major U.S. financial institutions exported 'citadels of commerce'8 abroad during the 'dramatic decade' between the end of the war and the crashing of the stock market. They also suggest how American architecture was exported both as a set of technological systems and as cultural icons of economic power during this period.

Exuberance And Digital Virtuosity

Unit Bartlett School Architecture

A few months later, three main events in economics, politics and environmental sciences raised more serious new questions on what Exuberance might be. The global banking breakdown and financial crisis marked the end of the latest 'irrational exuberance' period of the stock market.1 The election of Barack Obama as President of the United States personified the need for change of American and international policies. Simultaneously, the overdue political and economic acknowledgment of the acute seriousness of global climatic changes simply gave us no choice but to think consciously lower energy consumption, reconsider aesthetics and push sustainability. Suddenly, the Baroque macho excessive and the Rococo feminine pretty tail of digital architecture seemed endangered by these three concurrent events. Were we witnessing the initial sparks of a neo-Enlightened spirit that would mark the end of digital prodigality, luxury and exuberance, albeit in its early stages 1. 'Irrational exuberance'...

Red Hoppe Handles Help Kick Off Liverpool Fcs New Retail

Leading independent North West architectural hardware specialist M J Whiteside ft Co Ltd has supplied HOPPE door handles for the new Liverpool FC club superstore at the city's prestigious Liverpool One retail complex. HOPPE nylon pull handles, which were selected to colour co-ordinate with the club's world famous red, were supplied for the 10,000 sq ft store which stocks an extensive Liverpool FC merchandise and product range. Says Stephen Tadeo, Operations Director at M J Whiteside. IOur clients must have the most reliable and best performing hardware without compromising the aesthetic contribution that it makes. We had no hesitation in recommending handles from their nylon product range for this project.

Heliopolis A European Vision of the Orient

Tors, I shall argue, in deciding on the planning approach of Heliopolis as well as its architectural style, particularly in the first stage of the project before the Cairo stock market crash in 1907. It was not a cholera plague that slowed down significantly the construction fever in Cairo, but a stock market crash that took place in 1907. Abu Lughod describes the financescape during these days But one significant development to the planning of Heliopolis in the aftermath of the stock market crash was that the new scheme included leisure and entertainment spaces on a scale previously unprecedented in Egypt a Luna Park, hippodrome, aerodrome, cricket, polo, and golf courses, and a grand Brasserie Restaurant. By 1915, the entertainment and leisure spaces, the essential components of Howard's third magnet, comprised 25 per cent of the total built area. Thus the development was becoming more a place for play and fun and less as a place for work. It could be said that prior to the...

Towards a hydrogen economy

The year 2001 marked the point at which the Gulf States controlled over 35 of world oil production. The significance of this figure is that it is said to be at a level at which a cartel of producers can control world oil prices. In the 1970s the world experienced two oil shocks engineered by the oil producers. The UK government has been warned that another similar oil shock could trigger a stock market collapse or even war. Since the September 11 outrage, that possibility has loomed larger.

The City Quarter And Neighbourhood In Practice

Photos The Inside The Hindenburg

Berlage drew up his first plan for Amsterdam South in 1902 at the time the Stock Exchange building in Amsterdam, his finest work, was nearing completion (Figure 8.16). This first plan has streets of sweeping ovals reminiscent of French garden designs in Hausmann's public parks for Paris in the mid-nineteenth century (Figures 8.17 and 8.18). The first plan is both romantic in character and organic in the shapes used to structure the quarter. The plan may also have been influenced by Sitte's strictures against the use of the forced axis and artificial grid-iron system of streets. Berlage was faced with the problem of giving identity to a large area of high-density housing. The essentially low-density garden Figure 8.15 Amsterdam South Figure 8.16 The Stock Exchange, Amsterdam Figure 8.15 Amsterdam South Figure 8.16 The Stock Exchange, Amsterdam

Circuits and Currencies of Urban Development

On the first day of trading iVillage's new currency was good as gold its stock price rose to over 113 a share. The firm was hardly alone in its good fortune. A benefit plan administrator estimated that IPOs created more than 1,000 millionaires among the founders and executives of Silicon Alley firms another 2,000 have amassed between 500,000 and 1 million (Kanter and Messina 1999).

Returning to core business

However, there have been some signs of change. During the last decade of the 20th century there was a greater commercial awareness of the effect of maintenance upon the asset value of companies and hence gearing, ability to borrow and stock market rating. This was coupled with the sale of surplus land holdings. The business philosophy of returning to 'core' business led to a shedding of in-house expertise and a growing sophistication in outsourcing, which in construction terms is subcontracting. Advocates of planned maintenance could possibly see this as a development that may in the long term lead

Urban Resonance The city as a fashion item

Cities are now part of the fashion parade. Fashionability is used by cities as a global positioning tool in their attempt to anchor or shift their identity. But being fashionable is almost by definition unsustainable and on its own is incapable of achieving long-term recognition. Fashion can take on a life of its own that can send cities on a trajectory on which they do not want to be. Avoiding this fate is therefore of paramount importance. A city's resilience needs to reinforced and buttressed by 'real' economic drivers, such as what wealth it is creating, what it is producing, its research and development capacity, its generation of employment, and how open its investment environment is. Nevertheless, image and fashion is both an industry in its own right that may be significant for a city and also a means of putting the icing on the cake to reinforce its attractiveness to other investors in its industries, from car manufacturing to IT and finance. What cities look for is to lodge...

Virtual Trading Floor

NY. USA. 1998 99 L'aire do marches virtuelle Qui fournit des informations en temps r el sur les variations et les flux des actions, est uxtapos e i une salle r elle ( gauche) con ue par Asymptote i cit de la salle des march s du New York Stock Exchange.

The Dry West

The time was the early 1930s, the president was Herbert Hoover, and the situation in the United States looked bleak. The stock market had crashed in 1929, and most Americans were hurt by the Great Depression, which left a majority of them jobless, homeless, and penniless. But in the West, a beacon of hope was in the works a major structure that would symbolize the nation's technological prowess. That structure, built as graceful as it was strong, would come to be known as the Hoover Dam.


The background to the development of planned preventive maintenance (PPM) is of large-scale programmes of repair, maintenance and improvement of large stocks of buildings, particularly in the public sector. They have become 'received wisdom' and as such are relatively unchallenged as the 'obvious' or 'professional' approach to maintenance. The virtues were discussed by many in the 1970s and '1980s and with official support, for instance Bushell (1979), the Scottish Local Authorities Special Housing Group (1979) and the Housing Services Advisory Group (1980). The rationale was related to thinking and operating on a grand scale and was a logical extension of the kind of thinking that had dealt with slum clearance, the rebuilding of large areas flattened by bombing and the Blitz, and the planning and construction of complete new towns. It fitted in with organisations predicated on 'public service' and departmental structures of central and local government supported by a complement of...

Evaporative cooling

The Malta Stock Exchange offers an interesting variation on the theme of evaporative cooling. The interest lies in the fact that it is an existing chapel converted to this new function. Being a historic building, its walls have high thermal mass. The architect chosen was Brian Ford of WSP Environmental and formerly of Short Ford and Partners, who designed the celebrated Queen's Engineering Building at Leicester de Montfort University. He opted for a passive downdraught evaporative cooling (PDEC) solution. The major advantage of PDEC is that it is driven by buoyancy dynamics alone, removing the need for mechanical assistance. Figure 3.3 Sections and ventilation paths, Malta Stock Exchange. (a) summer cooling to the atrium is provided by a combination of passive evaporation, cooling coils and night-time cooling. When outside temperature is high and relative humidity below 60 , misting nozzles operate and cooling air is drawn through side vents in the ridge. (b) above relative humidity...

The Dams Workers

The Hoover Dam's construction occurred at a desperate time in U.S. history. The stock market had crashed, leaving the Great Depression to settle in, and an almost unimaginable number of people were unemployed. Once the government approved the dam's creation, people realized that many hands would be needed to bring the ambitious project to fruition. As rumors started to circulate about potential jobs even though Six Companies was not officially hiring yet thousands of people packed up their families and moved to the harsh Nevada desert in search of work. In the film American Experience Hoover Dam, worker

Middle way forward

People are on the whole resistant to change it is challenging and uncertain. It will take resources to plan and introduce the change and it may not work out. Arguably, the bigger the change, the larger the costs, the higher the risk and cost of failure. Britain has seen many examples over recent years of large computer and document handling projects that failed to deliver, for instance in the health service, housing benefits, criminal records, passports and the Stock Exchange. The record for construction projects is not good either, in terms of time, cost and quality.

Mit Pdsi

Given the current economic uncertainty, it is anyone's guess if other ambitious and environmentally responsible projects like these will move forward on U.S. campuses. If the stock market plunges further and credit remains tight, the health of endowments, the largess of donors, and the ability of schools to borrow will surely be adversely affected. However, one can hope that institutions will build sustainably with whatever limited resources are available. If the sheer number of lists ranking schools on the basis of environmental policies and practices is an accurate measure, student appetites for all things green are unlikely to abate anytime soon.


Development down societally virtuous paths - to embrace conservancy and communitarian values. Some individuals have always stood out against tax-gathering (evasion and avoidance). Others stand against control over plunder-freedoms, and there are others who hold out against the likes of resource quotas (freerange ocean fishing and the exploitation of indigenous forests). Some others opportunistically cruise the commercial cyberspace - namely, the economic buccaneers who plunder societal resources through the use of imperfectly regulated instruments (stock exchange hits, futures leveraging, commodity buyouts, franchise dealings, capital shunting, tax avoidances). Of course many others live a 'to them' higher code, although even they mostly extract from, and fail to restore and regenerate, the resource base they consume.


1883 First project for the Amsterdam Stock Exchange (international competition organized by the municipality). 1885 Second project for the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. Obtained the fourth prize, but the municipality did not carry out his project. Designed a commercial building in Kalverstraat in Amsterdam for the Focke and Meltzer office. Worked for the Lucas Bols office of Berlin designed a facade for Milan cathedral (international competition). 1898 He obtained the commission to build the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. This building, which was completed in 1903, was an important date in the development of Dutch architecture.

St Thomas Hospital

But it all came to grief after an ill-fated flotation on the stock market in the hedonistic heydays of the late 1980s when architects (after changes affecting their self-regulation) thought they could get rich by drawing in City investors. This all changed with the arrival of the recession. First Alford and then, two years later, Henderson, withdrew into timely retirement. Work-loads fell, returns could not meet shareholder's expectations, and a break up of the multi-disciplinary practice began, ending with a middle-management buy-out in 1997 that produced a third generation practice which still survives and continues the firm's name.


Tend to be less leveraged, still seem to be lending money for development projects, especially if the project is nonspeculative. The tumbling stock market might actually increase some capital reserves, according to bank officials. Deposits are up because of a flight to safety, and my bankers are looking for some place to invest them, says Joe DeHaven, president of the Indiana Bankers Association. For public projects, taxpayer money isn't the only funding source jeopardized by the economic downturn. School endowments, which typically are invested in the stock market, can take a hit, says

Historic Evolution

The overview provides a sketch of the evolution from the start of the industrial revolution around 1800 to today in 50-year increments. Circa 1850, the need for large skylights gave rise to plans designed for new building tasks such as museums, market halls, stock exchange buildings and libraries. Large halls were needed for the manufacture, distribution and presentation of trade goods and as convening places for a new urban public interested in recreation and the pursuit of cul-

City of Circuits

Some might tell the story of Silicon Alley in terms of the anarchy of markets (for stocks and real estate) and how this results in local incoherence. However, it is because neither capital nor cultural images circulate freely in cities that some embedded actors have exercised power in making new media spaces. Venture capitalists and real estate interests have mobilized power through their ability to create and link circuits and convert currencies. Silicon Alley venture capitalists connected external circuits of capital with localized new media circuits, and then with an IPO circuit in the stock market. Their currency was smart money capital with a reputation due to its linkages with insider networks and information. Real estate interests have linked new media industry circuits with a new circuit of revalorized commercial property through using wired space as a currency. The value of these infrastructural upgrades is boosted by subsidies that signal public

Economic Empowerment

At the end of the First World War, the United States found itself in the position of victor, strengthened and nearly unscathed but confronted with the responsibility associated with the role of a great power, a role into which the country was forced to grow. The journalist Philip Gibbs wrote in Harper's Monthly in 1919 The United States of America has a new meaning in the world, and entered, by no desire of its own, the great family of nations, as an uncle whose authority and temper is to be respected by those who desire influence in their family quarrels, difficulties, and conditions of life. 1 The United States accepted its new authority hesitantly. At the beginning of the twenties a tendency toward isolationism prevailed, and thus few were inclined to allow the effects of the transformations in Europe to become felt. The war had reinforced the conviction that all evil came from outside or from strangers in one's own country. The ideological challenges experienced by the Old World...

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