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Chris Magwood fell into the straw bale void nine years ago, and has been immersed in all manner of sustainable building projects ever since. Currently the lead instructor for Fleming College's sustainable building program, Chris has also been the editor for The Last Straw journal, and has participated in the design and construction of over 35 really cool buildings, most with Camel's Back Construction. He lives in a house of straw with his family and various crazy animals. He always has good hair, often rivaling that of his co-authors.

Peter Mack and Tina Therrien met on a straw bale jobsite nine years ago, and haven't looked back since. They operate Camel's Back Construction from their home in Warsaw, Ontario. Peter Mack has been building and inventing for what seems like the greater part of his life. His commitment to building in a more sustainable and environmentally sound way sprouted with his first building project 11 years ago. In the subsequent years as a professional straw bale builder, Pete has helped refine bale building into a fine art and has provided guidance to other builders and homeowners on countless projects. An inventor, instrument maker, machinist, fitter welder, and avid mountain biker, Pete brings diverse skills and ideas to the straw bale community, as well as his esteemed Estonian mumbling. Combining her love of working with metal, making bread, and teaching, (even though she left her full-time elementary teaching job),Tina rounds out the Camel's Back Construction team with frequent homemade cookies, hand-forged bale needles, excellent plastering outfits and many other talents. Pete and Tina have worked on close to 100 straw bale projects in their collective experience, and in that time, have forged many lasting friendships with clients they have built for. Contact information: Peter Mack/Tina Therrien PO. Box 61 Warsaw, Ontario K0L 3A0 [email protected] www.strawhomes.ca Chris Magwood R.R. #3 Madoc, Ontario K0L 2K0 [email protected]

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