Be Aware of Fire Hazards

We can't emphasize enough the importance of fire precautions at a straw bale work site.Your site will inevitably get covered in loose straw (unless you are pre-dipping your bales; see sidebar, Bale Dipping, p. 208) that is extremely susceptible to fire. Keep smokers well back from the site and provide sand-filled buckets for butts. Keep spark producing activities like welding and grinding far from loose straw. Be sure to rake whenever loose straw gets overly abundant and create a mound or two away from the walls. Always maintain a straw-free space between the walls and the loose stuff on the ground.

In case of an accidental fire,make sure you have adequate water on hand, as well as proper fire extinguishers. If running water isn't available, strategically placed drums and buckets will have to do.

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