Brown Coat

The second coat, or the brown coat, will average to %-inch thick and will define the overall shape of the wall. It can be applied as soon as the scratch coat has set (i.e.,is hard to the touch). Much less material and time will be required to apply the brown coat. A light scratching with a broom will roughen its surface and help the finish coat to bond.

Color Coat or Finish Coat The third coat creates the finished look of the wall. From heavily textured pebble coats to thinly brushed color washes, the mixture and application of this coat depends largely on the finish you are trying to achieve. If you are coloring with pigment, add it to this coat. Whiter plasters like lime, gypsum, and lime/white portland cement will allow colors to show up more brightly. A number of different application and finishing tools can be used to create the effect you want.

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