Budgeting Your Own Time

If you are going to build your own home, you will not need to account for the exact dollar figure of your labor, but you will want to be able to budget your time. There is a huge difference between a six-month project and a two-year project, and it helps to figure out which yours is.

If you've never done a task before, it's very difficult to calculate how long it might take. This is where it is worth establishing ties with other owner builders (even if they haven't built with straw bales). Other people who have gone through the same process can help you figure out some reasonable timelines based on their own experiences, and may have some good input on improvements they would make the second time around.

If you don't know any owner-builders, check at your local building supply yard. The managers will know who has built, who did a good job, and who didn't. They can put you in touch with the right people. And they might turn out to be a good source of information, too,having watched a great number of owner-builders go through this experience.

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