Building Supply Yards

Most building supply yards are members of a chain that offers one-stop shopping for building materials. Sales can net you some excellent finds, as can spring and fall clear-out specials. Chain stores are usually quite competitive. Their advertising flyers can alert you to good prices on common building supplies.

Remember that building supply yards stock items required by mainstream builders. You probably won't find environmentally friendly options or anything slightly outside the norm at a typical building supply yard. Advice, too, will tend to pertain to conventional building practices.

Building supply yards do offer convenience for contractors and builders. They stock full inventories of common products and will deliver to your site for any sizable order. You can take your finished plans to a single outlet and place your order for everything you need — except for bales! Quite often, you will be offered a discount for a large purchase, and you may be able to arrange for credit directly from the supply yard. Some have knowledgeable staff who may be able to advise you on purchases and construction techniques. Most supply yards charge higher prices than do comparable specialty shops. Item for item,it is usually possible to find lower prices in other places but not under one roof. For some builders, the one stop convenience of a building supply yard is worth the extra cost.

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