The principles that apply to heating also apply to cooling. It is not as effective or efficient to cool air as it is to cool a mass. Radiant floor systems can help keep your house comfortably cool in the summertime. Hot indoor air will be moderated by the floor, which, even when fully heated, does not exceed 73 degrees Fahrenheit (23 degrees Celsius). Ground source heat pumps also act as cooling devices in the summer, since ground temperatures are likely to be consistently cooler than air temperatures.

Don't stop with flooring when you think about cooling. Shade your south-facing windows from the summer sun;it is the most effective step you can take to keep your house cool. Plan for adequate ventilation by taking into account the usual direction of summer breezes, and allow for cross ventilation from one side of the house to the other. One of the best ways to beat the heat is to plan for an enclosed porch area on the north side of your house. Constantly shaded, this space can provide cool outdoor living quarters that are naturally air-conditioned!

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