Design Strategies

There are many different strategies for overcoming "blank page phobia." If you have already created cutouts of your rooms, you can start by translating them into individual forms on graph paper that in turn can be cut out and arranged like a puzzle. Alternatively, you may have a strong sense of the size and shape of the footprint of your house. If so, you can translate your outline onto graph paper and sketch in your interior rooms, hallways, etc. Perhaps you are very clear about the size, shape, and placement of one or two particular rooms. Draw these first and add the rest in relation to them. If you know how you want your house to appear from the outside, draw it from all four directions, to scale. The dimensions of these drawings can be translated into an outline for the floor plan.

11.1: Once you start thinking outside the conventional box, your straw bale walls will start to suggest all kinds of arches and curves!

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