Dont Strain to Be Original

If you understand what you want from your house, a unique form will necessarily follow. You don't have to come up with your own design from scratch. By copying and slightly altering an existing design that has many of the features you want, you can create a highly personalized living space. Even two houses built from identical plans by different people can each look remarkably original. So don't shy away from plan books; rather, make those plans your own. The build-

11.3: Many elements must come together in a kitchen. Consider how your bale walls and your cabinetry and counters will work together. A well-designed kitchen allows for a flow of movement and tasks that should function seamlessly.

11.4: Lighting is an important consideration that is often overlooked during the design phase. Natural lighting and electrical lighting should work together to make rooms functional at any time of day or night.

11.5a - b: The simple addition of a uniquely sized set of windows can transform a wall — and the space behind it — into something individual and personal.

11.5b ing techniques you use and the choices you make about finishing and interior detailing will be as integral to the creation of a unique living space as the floor plan and elevations.

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