Every Plastering Job Is Unique

As with your bale house itself, plastered walls are highly individualized. For some, this lack of a standardized finish might be distressing, and professional plasterers can do a remarkably good job of minimizing it. For many people, however, the individuality of a plastered finish on bale walls is a large part of the building's charm and beauty.

The shapes and textures of a plastered bale wall can be pleasing to the eye — literally; our eyes respond better to textured surfaces than flat ones. The gentle play of shadow and light on an undulating wall changes the atmosphere of a room. Acoustically, too, plastered bale walls soften a space by eliminating the echoes found in square, straight rooms.You many find that people who visit your home have an uncontrollable urge to touch the walls. And why not? The warmth and subtlety of plaster walls are tactile and inviting!

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