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A book of straw bale building options must address concerns beyond the actual bale walls themselves. The straw walls — about which we present step-by-step instructions — must be integrated into a complete package. Although we attempt to address all the crucial elements of designing and creating foundations, roofing, plumbing, wiring, and all the other myriad tasks of building a structure, you will need further expertise in these areas for your own project.

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To this end, we've included a resource list at the end of each chapter to direct your research. These are references that we have found useful, but by no means do they represent the full depth of information available. Use these sources as a springboard and search for the resources that speak most clearly to your intentions.

In many chapters, you will find sidebars written by people with a particular straw bale building experience to share. These are individual takes on specific areas of concern, both technical and personal. As a growing movement, straw bale building is developed and passed on by so many knowledgeable, creative people that we thought a sampling of voices from the field would prove useful to those who are just being introduced to the idea.

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