Hiring a General Contractor

A general contractor's job is to provide you with a finished home that meets your expectations and demands. General contractors hire the appropriate professionals to build your house, on schedule and according to a determined budget. It is up to you to be sure your general contractor understands the requirements of your straw bale building.While you will be consulted during the construction process, contractor built homes are frequently a hands off option. Because the job in the six months between getting the quotes and delivery. You've got to manage your money well, and know when to hold back and when to pay in full. You don't want to pay for a job that isn't done right.

When you're building a unique house, you've got to expect that something's going to happen that you didn't foresee. You'll have to make decisions on the fly. I was always trying to visualize what was coming next, and anticipating what would be needed. Mistakes can often be turned into design opportunities and decorative bonuses.

It's a great feeling to be so involved in the building of your own home, making decisions and knowing where things are and why. In the end, I'm thrilled to have this house.

— Anne-Marie Warburton acted as general contractor for her family's two-story, 2,500-square-foot post and beam home in the Hockley Valley, Ontario, Canada. The house was built by professionals, and the bale walls were raised by volunteers. The project was completed with a conventional bank mortgage and received regular home insurance ■

14.2: The Warburton home.

14.2: The Warburton home.

involves a great deal of trust and responsibility, you want to select your contractor carefully.

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