Its Like Lego

The proportions of a typical block of Lego are very similar to that of a two-string bale. So, a return to your Lego-building days can result in accurate scale models of your home design! In addition to acquiring a good, three-dimensional understanding of your design, you'll be familiarizing yourself with many of the key rules for stacking bales.When it comes time to build the real thing, your Lego experience will serve you well!

Creating scale models of your design (whether out of cardboard, Lego, or any other material — we've heard of cheese being the

11.2: A straw bale window seat makes a cosy spot for a child to curl up.

Keep in mind the width of the walls when designing your plans.

medium too!) can be very informative. The addition of the third dimension can make trouble spots quite obvious, and at the same time can suggest exciting possibilities you hadn't conceived on paper.

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