Lime Plasters

Lime plasters can be used in many ways to create durable and beautiful surfaces. For finish coat work, they are often mixed a little richer than for the base coats,with less sand content: 2 parts sand to 1 part lime or lime putty is common. The sand needs to be very finely screened, since the lime finish coat needs to be applied quite thinly (V inch or less) in order to avoid cracking. Oxide pigments, colored clay, and universal paint tints can all be added to lime plaster for finish coats. Using marble or granite dust (available from many quarries) can give great results, as the very fine aggregate allows the surface to be buffed with a trowel until glassy.

Lime finish coats must be applied very evenly, as they tend to crack when the thickness varies too greatly. They must be applied to a moist surface and kept hydrated as they cure. Lime plasters are suitable for exterior and interior finishes.

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