Precompression Materials

If you are building a load-bearing structure, your precompression system will require materials. Wire


16.2a - b: We really like using poly mesh, because a single person can handle a roll big enough to cover an entire house, and even young assistants can cut it with just a pair of scissors.


systems use 9-gauge galvanized fencing wire — also known as merchant wire — available in bulk at farm supply outlets. The saddle clamps you'll need are also available there or at hardware stores. Depending on your system, you will need tools to perform the precompression of your bales. Wire methods use Gripples and a Grippler tool, or fence stretchers — purchased from a farm supply outlet or fencing specialist or borrowed from a farmer — and a come-along, available at most hardware or farm stores. Load binders — from an automotive or trucking supply outlet — or a simple lever can serve as a come-along.

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