Preconstruction Costs

Your project's preconstruction costs will not be evident from your plans. They include:

• the price of property and interest on your property payments

• building permit fees

• driveway allowances and access roads (fees and construction costs)

• septic permits and installation fees

• service and utility hookup fees

• municipal development fees and taxes

Depending on your location, these fees can total several thousand dollars and take quite a bite out of your actual construction budget. Don't just guess at these figures; your municipality should be able to give you very accurate figures for these expenses.

Some preconstruction costs are more evident, but may not be able to be accurately budgeted for. Anything that requires digging or drilling into the ground can be unpredictable in terms of final cost, including:

• septic systems

• excavation of your foundation

Each of these activities must be completed before you actually begin construction. These jobs are most often done on a per-hour or per-foot basis, so it's not until the job is finished that you will know the final price. Experienced drillers and diggers will have a good idea of what the costs might be, but there are always surprises under the ground!

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