We most often build our window bucks with legs that continue down to the foundation, rather than using floating bucks. With legs, they are easy to keep in place, can be installed prior to the bale raising,

17.4a - b: This rough window buck includes a sloped sill piece that will act as the finished sill and drip edge below the window. It is notched into the uprights of the buck and extends beyond the corner of the window, making an effective barrier against water.

17.5: A simple 2x6 window buck is mounted on the curb rail prior to the bales being installed. It should be well braced to handle the bumps and thumps of the bale raising.

and are simpler to keep plumb with some temporary bracing. Door bucks already have legs down to the floor, so they can definitely be pre-installed. These frames take a real pounding during the bale raising, so anchor them and brace them strongly.

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