Raising Bale Walls

This is the moment that most of us have been waiting for: it's time to put the straw in place. As with any construction technique, there are many strategies that will help you to achieve the results you want.

The act of creating a straw bale wall is a joyous and celebratory one, and we have yet to be present at a wall raising where wide smiles are not the order of the day. Often, there are many people on hand, and the atmosphere is that of an old-style barn raising. Everything about straw bale lends itself to fun, creativity, and ingenuity. Each new building goes up in a slightly different way and can add to our collective knowledge of techniques and approaches. There are just a few hard-and-fast rules for stacking bale walls; the rest is a matter of creatively addressing some common concerns.

When you raise your bale walls, it is important to think clearly about your goals and how you can accomplish them. You will very likely come up with your own variations and innovations as you start moving and placing bales. This is precisely what makes building with bales so much fun! And it's even more fun if you share your insights and knowledge with others.

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