Rounds Curves and Creativity

One of the great attractions of bale building is the potential for creating spaces that are unique. The combination of bales and plaster offers endless possibilities for form and texture. At some point in your Design Game, don't forget to include some aspects that will make your home uniquely yours.

Bales can be laid sideways underneath windows to create wide bench seats; buttresses can grow into the interior or outside the building, the orientation of the bales can be changed over and/or around windows and doors to add weight lines; shelves, ledges, and niches, can be formed in or on the walls. It is possible to add these elements at the spur of the moment onsite during construction, but it is worth having some fun right at the design stage, so these elements become part of an overall vision of the space.

Modern construction avoids rounded and curved elements because wooden framing, plywood, drywall and other manufactured materials do not lend themselves easily to such details. Bale walls are quite adaptable to curves, allowing for design possibilities foreign to most modern home plans. Curved and rounded walls lend a remarkable feeling to a space and are worth considering. Keep in mind that your round or curved bale wall will still have to blend with your foundation and roof, both of which are likely to use straight materials (see sidebar on round roofs in Chapter 9).

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