Straw Bale Construction Plans

For your construction plans to be ready to use, they must be well detailed and very thorough. Bale details will be especially important.

When people ask if bale building is more or less difficult than standard framing, it is tempting to say less. The actual act of stacking and preparing bales is very straightforward. However, this doesn't mean that there is nothing to it. The key to strong, long-lasting bale walls is in the details. Construction plans for straw bale buildings must be detailed, accurate, and reliable. It should be obvious from your detail drawings that your building will be structurally sound, impervious or resistant to accumulations of rainwater and snow, and practical to execute with a minimum of materials and time-consuming fussing. Because very few owners, builders and inspectors have experience with bale walls, it is only from the detail drawings that all the crucial considerations will be met, making this a critical stage in your project.

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