Structural Design Options Foundations Roofs and Partition Walls

Having visualized the space you'd like to create, it's now time to start making some practical decisions regarding the structure of your building. Important among these decisions are the foundation and roof, which will have a major impact on all aspects of your building. It's time to blend the practical with the personal.

The decisions you make about your home during the Design Game reflect your individual tastes. But to realize your design dreams, you must be able to translate them into a physical structure that can meet the demands you put on it. Foundations and roofs are important parts of that physical structure and must be considered before you progress and finalize the actual plans for your building.

A variety of foundation and roofing systems can meet stringent building code requirements. Experimental options also exist but may be more difficult to get approved.Before you finally decide about your foundation or roof, be sure to research the methods that are used in your area, and talk to other builders and homeowners about what's appropriate for your region. In many cases, roof and foundation designs will need to be approved by a structural engineer, even if the wall system of the structure does not.

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