The Soltan house

Karen Soltan's house was built on 100 acres just outside of the city limits of Peterborough. Karen shared the role of General Contractor with Jim Gleason on the 2045 sq. foot saltbox home which was built in 2002. Dale Brownson and Karen designed the house together with energy efficient considerations. Special features include radiant floor heat with a dual purpose boiler, an interior bale wall housing carved in niches and a bookcase, arched doorways, and a solarium. Camel's Back Construction did the bale work and plastering.

Number of bedrooms 3

Number of bathrooms 2

Custom features Carved-in niches; interior bale wall with arched doorways

& carved-in bookshelf

Engineering and $2,751.50

Design Fees Engineering fees for stamping set of plans $1,551.50

Design work, consultation and construction drawings $1,200.00

Site Preparation, Driveway $24,315.75

Excavation and Foundation All excavating, packing, purchase & installation of septic bed and tank, compaction, compaction test (Note: the driveway cost couldn't be omitted from this tally) $16,033.95

Excavation: More driveway costs, rough grade $8,281.80

Foundations $13,845.92

Concrete House Pad $13,845.92

Steel, engineered trusses $9,089.04

Soffit, fascia, eavestrough $2,754.18

Straw Bale Walls $22,690.76

Straw Bale (spelt), 554 bales, locally sourced, organic $1,332.00

Bale work - raising and bale prep $8,320.00

Plastering - 2 coats exterior and interior $11,700.00

Plaster pump rental $1,200.00

Hemp fibres $138.76

Custom Windows $11,997.95

Custom windows by Sunset Windows, aluminum clad cedar, low argon filled $11,997.95

Construction Fees $114,278.35

Constrution Materials: lumber, insulation, cement, some bale prep materials, nails, screws, brackets, etc. $32,180.27

Construction Labour $82,098.08

Electrical $5,607.00

House wiring, phone jacks $5,607.00

PEX pipe, some fixtures, drains, connect to septic $6,260.57

Other Mechanicals $14,361.52

In-floor radiant heat (installation of tubing & manifold, including labor) $6,210.00 Propane boiler (radiant floor and domestic hot water) $8,151.52

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