Uncover and Distribute Bales

Ideally, your bales will be delivered on the day you need them and unload directly from the wagons or trailer and onto the foundation. Alternatively, unload them from the transport trailer that has been storing them onsite. Use your entire crew to cooperate in moving bales quickly and with a minimum of movement and effort.

Much time and effort can be saved during the wall stacking if you place your bales in well-planned stacks around the site. Each wall should have its own stack near at hand so that wall building need not be accompanied by long walks to a faraway mound.

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elevator can ken, or loose bales, set them aside for use in save a ton retying to smaller sizes. Be choosy about your of work... bales. If you think a bale feels or smells damp, literally. don't use it. If there are bales that are bent out of shape, take the time now to force them back into their proper form. All of this will allow your wall stacking to go forward with as few disruptions as possible.

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